Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Cooking Freak Show Returns

Ah yes, TOP CHEF is over and MASTER CHEF has yet to begin so that loud bleeping sound can only mean one thing... HELL'S KITCHEN is back in town!

I usually skip the premiere of this annual culinary freak show but without any substantial college hoops to view and a forgotten Redbox rental languishing outside Royal Farms I decided to DVR last night's two-hour premiere.

As my wife – who spent more than a few years in and around a variety of kitchens – always says, the cheftestants on HK are far more representative of the people you'll actually find working in kitchens than the mannered, measured folks that pepper shows like TOP CHEF and CHOPPED.

Yes, America, these are the people that are really cooking your food.

Personally, I was glad to see my old stomping grounds of the Delaware Valley representing during the premiere, with Chef Zach standing out as the only member of the Blue Team who could keep his shit together.

Even if he did have to have a Stress Hurl in the hallway.

Will you watch HELL'S KITCHEN? Or have Gordo's rages over poorly-cooked scallops and burn risotto grown stale? Leave your answer in the comments section...

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