Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Beer for Life? Now That's a Kickstarter I Can (Hic) Get Behind!

How many of you have contributed funds to a Kickstarter campaign?

I've done it a few times and I've received: a nice t-shirt or two (and in one case a nice t-shirt ruined with a graphic telling people I supported the Kickstarter campaign); a couple books; a DVD about my favorite band that I have yet to watch (actually, two DVDs because I contributed twice); and, some zines/self-published comics.

All of these things are nice and I probably could have done without all of them and saved whatever money I contributed. But, to be frank, I'm a little burned out on the whole Kickstarter thing thanks to people like certain directors who shall remain nameless that can surely find the funding for their latest movie but go this route instead.

But a savvy entrepreneur in Texas has caught my attention with his crowd-funding pitch. In an effort to raise $30,000 for his brewhouse, Cory Hodgson is offering those who pledge $2000.00 – get this – three beers a day for four days a week (plus 25 growler fills).

With less than a month to go, the campaign has raised half of its goal.

Check out CrowdBrewed – a crowd-funding site for craft beer projects – for more info.

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