Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Would Be Presidents, State Fairs and Food on a Stick

I was just out running some errands and noticed that the roads are dotted with orange barriers and shopping centers all feature signs reading "Parking for Customers Only." And that can only mean one thing... The State Fair is coming to town! (I would link to the website but it's absolutely horrible so I won't bother.)

We're fortunate enough that we live just down the road from Maryland's Fair Grounds. And when I say "fortunate" I mean that we don't have to drive far in order to get our annual intake of food on a stick and deep-fried fill in the blank.

Actually, we've missed the fair the last few years because it often coincides with the beginning or end of our annual vacation, but since we're staying home this year we'll get to sample the best the fair has to offer. Expect a full report next week.

Speaking of state fairs, ABC News has a video up which features Presidential hopefuls like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama doing "average Joe" things like grilling and ordering corn dogs at the Iowa State Fair.

Check out that shot of Romney at the top of this post. Has any man ever looked so uncomfortable in the presence of a grill? Not that he was in the running but I can definitely scratch him off my list of potential vote getters.

Obama fares a bit better as he and his children walk up to the window and order some corn dogs, but I'd love to know how many takes it took to get that "natural" moment on camera.

More frightening, though, is correspondent Rick Klein. Take a look at that screen capture. Klein appears unnaturally upbeat about this assignment and I'm afraid to ask what that thing is that he's holding in his left hand. (I went back and watched the piece again. Apparently it's Fried Chicken on a Stick.)

Oh, and would somebody please tell Klein that the Twinkies aren't breaded before they're deep fried. They're coated in batter.

Breaded Deep Fried Twinkies? Ew. Now that would be gross...

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