Tuesday, May 27, 2008

THG Makes the Cut, Lands on SlashFood

I don't think I was even aware that there was such a site as SlashFood. Sure, I'm a twice- or three-times daily reader of SlashFilm, but SlashFood? Well, somebody there reads THG because we're not only name-checked in their link about the Baltimore Sun's convenience store food piece but I even got my own label. Crazy.

Anyway, I dig the site. Looks like it pulls together a lot and I mean a LOT of news articles, blog posts, web reviews and more under one banner. Sorta like a PopCandy for food fans.


Marisa said...

Glad to hear you dig us, as we dig you! Thanks for pointing out that Baltimore Sun article.


John said...

Hot dogs have been all over the place in my life lately. I must've missed that article while in California. I liked their site I might add.