Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Can You Get for $50? How About a Brewery?

There's something contagious about interesting business ideas. Especially ones that involve food and/or beer. If you've always wanted to help run a brewery biz but never wanted to pony up more than, say, the cost of a few cases then you're in luck.

BeerBankRoll.com is an intriguing new business model based on "crowd funding" or the idea that a group of people can come together in a community environment and create a company. The brainchild of three people in Chicago, BeerBankRoll.com asks members to invest $50 a year to help raise the capital to start the business. Once they've raised the necessary capital they'll begin working with a consulting firm and allow members to vote on such things as product mix, logo design, etc.

Who knows if the resulting company will ever get off the ground, but what if BeerBankRoll.com ends up becoming a reality? How cool would it be to walk in your local beer distrib and grab a six-pack of a beer you own a stake in?

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