Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here's a Great Message For You Kids Out There

Just sitting here watching local boy Michael Phelps make good and successfully defend his gold medal in the Men's 400 IM. Oh yeah, and set a new world record while he's at it.

But before the medal ceremony I caught a special sports-themed McDonald's commercial...

A group of kids are playing soccer and, like life, there are winners and there are losers. The winning team jumps around, appears to talk a little trash (hey, they earned it), and hoists their trophy as the losers kick the dirt and look dejected.

Until somebody arrives with a tray full of Happy Meals! Yay! Now losing doesn't seem so bad and even the winners have dropped their trophy in the dirt, wishing they were the losers so they could be enjoying those burgers and fries instead of this stupid old trophy and feeling of satisfaction.

Thankfully, I think most kids are asleep and missed this inspiring message.


John said...

I haven't seen this ad yet. My entire Olympic experience has been watching the opening ceremony with the big 2,008 fou drummer bit (very awesome) on YouTube - which NBC could not force YouTube to take down because it was uploaded from a UK broacast. But your post does remind me of this Barats and Bereta skit that's kind of a McDonald's commercial as done by Morgan Spurlock.

Dan said...

LOL, I hadn't seen that before but how true! We drove from MD to OK and back last summer with an eight week old. Because it was all about making time while the baby was sleeping we ate nothing but fast food along the way and back. By the end the thought of eating another burger made me want to cry.

theminx said...

Ahh...but did you notice that just about the time the Happy Meals make an appearance, a group of syllables that seem to say "salmonella" is noticeable in the foreign-language music that forms the commercial's sountrack.