Thursday, January 15, 2009

There Is Such a Thing as Too Viral... Carl's Pulls Online Burger Promo

What happened to the good ol' days? When you could give contest winners a secret code and URL where they could download their free burger coupon and count on them to not leak it to everyone in the world?

Those days are apparently behind us if recent events experienced by the folks at Carl's, Jr. are any indication. At a LA Lakers-New Orleans Hornets game at the Staples Center, 276 contest winners were texted a passcode and limited-time-only URL where they could download a coupon good for a free "Famous Star" hamburger.

As the folks at Wired's Threat Level so poetically put it, "A day later, the URL and passcode spread faster than a Paris Hilton homemade porno."

The promotion was halted after the first 50 burgers were redeemed and subsequent coupon users had to show they were actually game attendees in order to get their free sandwich. I fully expect to see a lawsuit filed over this blundered promotion.

In other viral hamburger news, Burger King is encouraging Facebook users to dump ten "friends" in order to secure a free Whopper.

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