Thursday, May 14, 2009

FOOD COURT: Fast Food Worker Finds Another Use for Grill Scraper

Back when I worked in an office I used to try and avoid workplace arguments as much as possible. They were rarely productive and everybody just felt awkward and bad afterwards.

I never took into account the possibility that workplace tools could be used on me by savage, angry co-workers. And given that I worked in ad agencies and retail establishments filled with X-Acto knives, hot wax, large computer monitors and, in the case of one job, pool cues and balls things could have gone horribly, horribly wrong (cue Steven Seagal footage).

Like this case of battling co-workers from Edmond, Oklahoma. Cops were dispatched to a Carl's, Jr. fast food joint to investigate an alleged assault. I'll let the Edmond Sun take it from there...
At the restaurant, police questioned Billy Dwayne Prentice, of Oklahoma City, who said he and the victim had been arguing during work hours. The argument escalated and the suspect began to punch the victim with his fists while the victim was seated at his chair in his office, police said.

The suspect retrieved an industrial grill scraper from the grill area of the kitchen, returned to the office and began to strike the victim with the scraper, police said. The victim suffered injuries to his jaw and to his scalp.
Prentice is also facing felony possession charges
"after a search produced a substance with a yellow-colored coating around it. The substance was sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for analysis."

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