Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UTNE Reader Profiles THG Contributor

I'm happy to report that Utne Reader profiles longtime THG contributor William Patrick Tandy and his zine Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! in its January/February 2010 issue. In her article "Baltimore: The City That Reads", author Danielle Maestretti notes, "Though Smile, Hon very much inhabits its native city, the publication will appeal to anyone who is compelled by the darkly funny, serendipitous, sometimes undignified realities of urban existence..."

You can read the complete article here.

In the meantime, there's still time to get your mind into the gutter and contribute to Smile, Hon's upcoming Sex issue. Smile, Hon is accepting submissions of sex-related stories, essays, poetry, photography and other artwork for a forthcoming special issue through Tuesday, January 5, 2010. Creative non-fiction is preferred (we're not looking for Penthouse's sloppy seconds here), though all submissions will be considered. Articles (100 – 2,000 words) are preferably received via e-mail ( as attached Word documents. Image files should be approximately 5" x 7", 300+ dpi (.JPG or .TIF format). All contributors will receive a byline/artist credit for their work as well as two (2) complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears. (Note: Contributors may use their own names, or, for anonymity, adopt a nom de plume, preferably of a raunchy or comical nature, for the purposes of the issue.)

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