Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are Gourmet Hot Dogs the Next Big Thing?

I love a good hot dog. And recent trends in fast-casual dining may spell good news for my taste buds (and bad news for my waistline!).

With better burger concepts like Five Guys grabbing all the attention and current economic woes forcing consumers to look more closely at their dining budget, are savvy restaurant minds turning their attention to the revitalization of the humble dog?

It looks that way, according to an article in QSR Magazine. Research shows that there has been a 5% increase in hot dogs on fast-casual menus in 2011 and we're not just talking about their ubiquitous presence on Kids Menus under names like The Popeye or The Porky Pig.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this trend will bring the recognition my beloved Dip Dogs so richly deserve!

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