Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bravo, Joe!

The Travel + Leisure website recently posted their list of the 25 Best Italian Restaurants in America and it should come as no surprise that Del Posto – the first four-star Italian restaurant in NYC since 1974 – is on the list.

Chef Mario Batali and our main man Joe Bastianich created this "24,000 square foot temple to upscale Italian dining" and it continues to wow. (You can read all about what went into creating this and their many other restaurants in Joe's excellent memoir Restaurant Man.)

On top of that, Batali, Bastianich and chef Nancy Silverton's LA-based Osteria Mozza/Pizzeria Mozza also made the list, giving Joe (and Mario) the only bi-coastal double-shot in the Top 25.

Bravo, Joe!

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