Monday, August 27, 2012

Philly Cheesesteak Place to Open in Federal Hill

After a decade of living here it's pretty clear that I have embraced the Baltimore area as my second home.

Sure, the Delaware Valley will always be home to me but I have to admit that I've been won over by the city and its characters not to mention the Natty Boh that flows like water, great seafood, a fun ballpark, and even teams like the O's and Ravens, both of which I enjoy following and rooting for (as long as they're not playing the Phillies or Eagles).  And believe me, that's a big step for me. I lived in Pittsburgh for three years and it did nothing but intensify my dislike for the Pens and Stillers.

The one thing that still bugs me about the area, though, is the inability to find a really good cheesesteak place. Admittedly, I haven't tried all that hard, but why would I? I wouldn't go to Philly expecting to get a great crabcake sandwich so why should I expect Charm City to do a great cheesesteak?

But I have high hopes for Fat Larry's, a new "Philly" cheesesteak and hoagie joint opening later this year in the old Corks location in Federal Hill. Just from glancing at this article in the Baltimore Business Journal I have to say Fat Larry's definitely passes the "eye" test...

  • Run by a Philly native? Check.
  • Bread baked fresh in Philly daily? Check.
  • Steaks made from rib eye? Check.
In other words, I think we have a destination on our hands. We'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Hot Corner Lee's in Cross Street? I'm looking forward to Fat Larry's, but Hot Corner Lee's has definitely satisfied my Philly Cheese steak craving. They have Amoroso's Rolls.

Dan said...

Good to know, I'll have to give them a try sometime. Like I said, I don't go hunting for cheesesteaks in B'more too much. I get up to the DelVal often enough that I can usually satisfy my craving with the real deal, but it's good to know I have options.