Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Snack & Munch Online Vending Machine

Remember the good old days of the internet when we didn't have to interact with our aunt in Colorado and we could just check out sites that would let us watch or even control a vending machine? Ahh, the world was so full of promise then and we assumed that having our own on-line vending machine was just a few years away.

Until then, I suppose Snack & Munch will have to do.

This site touts itself as being a time-saving convenience because you simply go on their site and select 24 snacks for $24. Unfortunately, while this may be more convenient than standing in line at a grocery or convenience store it also makes you wait 3-5 days for your snacks to arrive via the US Postal Service.

Sure, once the delivery arrives you've got a bevy of snacktasticness to choose from but what happens when all the chips and candy are gone and all that's left is that $1 roll of Lifesavers?

I don't know about you, but when I want to inhale 2.5 servings of Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls I wanna do it now. Not Saturday, not Monday. NOW.

The site features a pretty typical selection of breakfast bars, candy, nuts, gum and mints as well as some international treats like Yan Yan Kids and Oh Yes Sweet Potato Cream Cake. (What? No Two Cops Instant Snack?!)

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